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Previous Paper Panelists

CAMWS 2008
November 15, 2008 at the Doubletree Biltmore Hotel in Asheville, North Carolina

“What Was the Real Point of Lucretia’s Death? An Argument for Allegory”
Megan Miller, Eta Tau at University of North Carolina – Asheville

“Sulpicia: Elegiac Mistress and Lover”
Dwanna C. Crain, Eta Iota at the University of Arizona

“Pulling the Strings of Isis and Serapis”
Jesca Scaevola, Alpha Mu at the University of Missouri

“Abraham Lincoln: America’s Augustus”
Kristin Zavislak, Theta Iota at Illinois Wesleyan University

“Two-Faced Faustina: The Contrasting Images of Faustina the Younger”
Sarah Evelyn Brophy, Alpha Xi at Washington University in St. Louis

CAMWS 2006
November 2-4, 2006 at the University of Memphis Holiday Inn in Memphis, Tennessee

“‘Sing Us a Song, Mr. Piano Man’”: The Symposium and Musical Development in Ancient Greece”
McKenzie Mullally Clark
Beta Iota at Wake Forest University

“Genre, Intertextuality, and Odes 1.14”
Joel Street
Theta Eta at DePauw University

“P³: Parmenides, Plato, and Parallel Universes”
Nynshari Baenre
Alpha Omega at Louisiana State University

“Tiresias’ Ultimatum to Creon in Sophocles’ Antigone”
Mackenzie (Mack) Zalin
Beta Psi at Rhodes College

“College Year in Lanuvium”
Andrew Willey
Beta Psi of Rhodes College

“War Elephants in the Ancient World”
Richard Harrod
Gamma Omicron at Monmouth College

Presider: D. Jasmine Merced-Ownbey, Megale Chrysophylax (dmerced@uark.edu)
Beta Pi at the University of Arkansas

CAMWS 2004
November 6, 2004 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

“Roman Law and the Existence of Organized Crime”
Matthew Callahan
Alpha Pi Chapter, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA

“A Crucial Historical Moment: A Discussion of Orientalist Ideology and Other Problems in Mithraism and Mithraic Studies”
Caroline B. Bishop
Beta Psi, Rhodes College, Memphis TN 38112

“Why No Trial?”
Erik Ellis
Gamma Omega Chapter, Baylor University

“White Elephant Gift? Elephants in the Roman Army”
Becky Tompkins
Gamma Omega, Baylor University

“Horse and Cavalry in Athenian Society and Warfare”
Mary H. Harms
Zeta Rho, University of Texas at Arlington